Friday, 18 March 2016

▎ 萬隆巴剎學校(Sakola Pasar) #1

The first day we arrived at Bandung, my new friend De Gaya invited us for lunch. We ordered fried frogs and Sate Kambing and ate at the same table, we were worried about it if it's impolite. I found a traditional aluminum mould of biscuit, and next morning De took us to a traditional Pasar Cihapit that just surrounding of us.

"which part of beef? wow! it's tongue.Do you know how many kinds of chicken here? what fish you eat before? the heart of pig is looking like this that we never seen before...! "

We went through a passage way that selling vegetables which was keep in the traditional way,they acclaimed only aunties will come to the dirty and humid place before. A group of teenagers who wear red scarf are ITB graduated students now, they lead the local kids (the same ages of my daughter) from the pasar whom wear green scarf. They marked the name of themselves and have courses at every stall here, the living museum. The background music is Bahasa Indonesia folk songs.The guru is the owner of stall, they display and introduce these clarified goods with order. I like the pasar with good ventilation.And most important of all, they sold all things together, no boundary here.

Some kids carried by kakak. On 11:40-58 A.M., we have fish stall class and I have a very quickly sketching here. The left is the pool they can catch the fresh fishes, and some cool men at the central part split/removed the fish scale at the same time without disturb.Under the warm light, you can find sambal belimbing (I can find it in the Malay kampung that opposites to my place),many kinds of tempe and potatoes, even the salted fish and chicken cage is in a good order.

I appreciated the pasar with "the soul", we discuss some issues with De's twins Lik,a lecture at ITB, she wore a batik costume on the special Friday.They spent whole years to encourage the locals and get their trust to do something meaningful here, they let local believe we can change something. I saw the sparkle within kid's eyes heart emoticon

到萬隆第一天,我的新朋友笛(De Gaya) 帶著我們午餐,和穆斯林同桌吃田雞和羊肉沙爹很不習慣。因為隨口看到一個漂亮的餅乾模子,隔天早上我們去了鄰近的巴剎走走。




巴剎的靈魂還在的意思,笛的雙胞胎姐妹Lik穿著星期五的峇笛衣裙聊著,她是這群Institute Teknologi Bandung學生的老師,花費一年的時間精力說服並且組織巴剎的原始內部力量,剛開始沒多久的巴剎學校,小孩眼睛透著光亮。

18 March 2016

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