Wednesday, 24 February 2016

時序大馬 Musim-Musim Malaysia


Musim-Musim Malaysia Exhibition


「走路撿到甚麼石頭,手裏便握著它。」 因此,《時序大馬》在持續一整年的展覽將同步更新。這也是《大馬時序月曆》的現在進行式。目前(Jan 2016)已採集了共35件圖文作品,持續步行中。

“By comprehending what people will do in every daily life, I can distinguish what season it is even here (Malaysia) is always on summer time. “ …Musim-Musim Malaysia

In Bahasa Melayu, Musim means “season”. Luisa came from Taiwan, her hometown, a four season country. She missed the diversity in whole year and found Malaysia also has seasons because every ethnic group has their own calendars and life pattern to follow up.

While Luisa starts to work and dwell in Malaysia on 2007, she always keeps walking and discovering a great deal of folk beliefs and religious life on the street. She likes the recording ways of documentary, but have no skills, how to take video clips. After Luisa joined USK Penang for three years since 2010, she tried to record it immediately through interviewing and observation, also learned how to use sketch & communicate with people as a trace mark method by located. Thenceforth, she also posts on social media to share her art pieces (sketch & article) and discuss with people worldwide and re-edit together. Not only every Sunday morning sketchwalk, Luisa pursue “Musim-Musim Malaysia” Project for more than four years already, and, still continued. Everyone can write and edit encyclopaedia, she mentioned it as well.

檳城新年廟會 (Penang CNY Celebration)
13 Feb 2016, 16:00- 21:00
義興街 Church Street (Lebuh Gereja)

Galerie Kolace, Bandung, Indonesia
19 March-1 April 2016

Penang, late May 2016

Kuala Lumpur + with Chong Keat An


Taipei + with Chong Keat An