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▎ 暹戲之一:萬迪的默諾拉(Wan Dee's Menora)



早上,萬迪圍著一條暗紫色格子沙龍就走出來,甘榜老爺樣,他緩緩站在樂器前,輕輕敲著21片木琴(Ra Nak)。愛卿的訪談內容說,萬迪小時候走去他家後面的臥佛廟學習,廟的一側還有萬迪親人的墓。萬迪在檳榔嶼出生的,小時候他爸爸占迪(Chan Dee)傳授它默諾拉表演。這間屋子一進門就是拉繩子佛像,左手邊一個斜屋頂小屋子裏面裝的占迪的回憶,占迪的照片和它表演時戴著的皇帽(Kecopong)兩頂一男一女貼著金箔的小丑面具全部供在裏面,他們每天像禮佛一般祭拜點香,占迪從宋卡(Songkhla) 搬家去亞羅士打(Alor Setar) 再來浮羅池滑(Pulau tikus)。英國維多利亞女王應該拍桌大怒:「你們幹嘛叫占迪走,這是我賜給這群暹羅人蓋臥佛廟和家的土地。


Be like Wan Dee.

10 Apr 2016


These days , i blur blur in kinds of traditional instruments of troupe menora in Kedah and Penang.

Wan Dee, who stay in Burmah Siam Village of Pulau Tikus for 92 years, house number 248-8, which looks like other 1 floor timber-made house nearby. Wan Dee looks quite different with the photo of The Living Heritage Rewards in Penang. I read his story before and suddenly saw him as a Star.

In the morning, Wan Dee wear a purple colour-checked sarong, typical uncle style I like. He stand in front of Ra Nak, and play for a while, peacefully.

In interview of China Press, it mentioned Wan Dee learn in Siam Wat behind his house, where tomb of his family members. He was born in Pinang and learn menora performance from his father Chan Dee. When entry his home , we can see Buddha shrine in the centre, and left small house shrine belongs to Chan Dee, the memory of him. Tok Chan Dee's photo, the Kecopong he wear during performing, two masks of joker(male and female), they pray it everyday. Chan Dee moves from Songkhla to Alor Setar and finally Pulau Tikus of Pulau Pinang. ( The Straights Times said he from Bangkok ?!) Nowadays, Queen Victoria will be angry and yelling at that, " the land I bestow to these Siamese for homeland and temple usage. "

Uncle Boon, the grandson of Chan Dee, said the spirit will pass generation by generation. Sounds cliche but it's totally true. Wan Dee pass his knowledge of Menora to the troupe in Butterworth even his descendent didn't learn. Boon can't write Siam language but I guess Wan Dee can.

Be like Wan Dee.

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